Fonasba Quality Standard Exceeds 500 Companies

PRESS RELEASE - FQS 500_Página_1

We have pleasure in attaching herewith copy of an announcement sent to all our press contacts marking the spread of the FONASBA Quality Standard to more than 500 companies. You are asked to circulate this announcement to your members and also to your local press contacts for further distribution.

As you will be aware, expansion of the FQS is one of the President’s priorities for this 50th anniversary year with the aim, as he said in the press release, of expanding coverage of the Standard to all member countries. There are currently 35 members accredited with the criteria for one more currently being reviewed by the Executive Committee.

In the coming weeks and months therefore, this office will be making further contact with those members that have not yet started preparations for implementation to provide encouragement and assistance to help you start off down the road – so you have been warned! Don’t forget, details of the FQS requirements are on the website at: www.fonasba.com/fonasba-initiatives/fonasba-quality-standard


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