ONE Expands Reefer Fleet

Ocean Network Express (ONE) is expanding its refrigerated container fleet of 240,000 TEU by adding 6000 (40” HC) units.

The expansion includes 500 units equipped with advanced Controlled Atmosphere technology which is designed to slow down the respiration and ripening process to maximize the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Accoding to a statement, the new reefer containers will be made available for accepting new bookings towards the end of 2019 to meet reefer peak season global demand around the world.

What is a reefer a container?

What are Reefer Containers

reefer container is a refrigerated shipping container used to store and transport perishable goods.

Temperature-controlled transportation is used for perishables such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, and dairy products

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Reefers are an excellent portable solution to both short or long term storage and they can be used to ship or truck goods over long distances as they can be plugged into the power station on ships or have clip-on generators attached.

IoT in reefer shipping

ONE is also working towards the application of latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology into its fleet of reefer containers to allow real-time visibility of critical information such as temperature, humidity inside the container, thereby enhancing value chain proposition of perishable trade.

ONE has one of the largest reefer fleet in the world, equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to handle perishable cargo demand, which remains strongly augmented by expansion of middle class in Asia constantly demanding healthy food choices.

In 2019, the growth in global refrigerated container trade has outperformed the growth in global container trade and ONE expects the growth momentum to be maintained for remaining months of the year.

Jun Shibata, Senior Vice President of Strategic Yield Management, said, “ONE is committed to provide our customers with the best in class capabilities to ship your perishables to meet growing demands and opportunities to broaden to new markets.

“We continuously explore new technologies in refrigerated container segment to improve the service value proposition for our customers dealing with perishable cargos.

Fuente : Port Technology

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