Chinese Ports See the Fruits of 5G

China is utilizing 5G technology in its bid to become the world’s leading country in intelligent shipping, according to state media outlet China Daily, which quotes a report on the development of smart port development in the country.

The report is said to specify the smart shipping developments in the Yangtze River Delta as an example of its belief in 5G technology.

It also picks out the Xiamen Ocean Gate Automated Container Terminal, the first intelligent green terminal in China, the fully automated terminal at the Port of Qingdao and the Yangshan Deep-Water Port in Shanghai, the largest automated terminal in the world.

Consequently, the report goes on to say, more ports around China are looking to take advantage of 5G technology.

A previous report jointly released by China’s Ministry of Transport and six other governmental departments in May 2019, China is aiming to become a global innovation hub for intelligent shipping by 2025, the owner of core intelligent shipping technology by 2035 and form a fully intelligent shipping system by 2050.

Fuente : Port Technology

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